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I have been wanting to change the blog design for a while and have finally made it happen.
For years this blog has been so good to me and it will always be here, but this is the last post on this blog.
From now on, please go to this address:
If you have it feeding to your email, I would love for you to do that to the new address too and continue viewing our work.
Hopefully we can document your life and showcase it there as well.
We are based in Colorado and travel all over documenting amazing people and their love stories.
Don't forget about our other sites as well:

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So much love.

xoxo ~ heidi

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What to say about 2011...

Our year started on the beaches of Mexico and ended in Colorado documenting a newborn and cuddling our daughters with loads of love, gratitude, triumph and tragic loss throughout the middle.

Going through the images from the past year brought tears of love and sadness to my eyes.  While I can't post all of the images from all our client sessions, I did choose a lot of my favorites along with what expressed a fair amount of the art we were able to create through the lives of people we have the honor of knowing in 2011. And to document people each year as their life progresses is just a privilege and quite moving to our hearts.  To have these people connect with us on such a personal level to let us in to photograph the most precious moments in their lives to remember forever is more than a feeling of honor as we remain a part of the intricate web of their lives forever. It touches our souls.  We feel a part of some greater picture.  I don't want us to just take photos or just make art.  I want to connect with each person and the love, joy or emotion felt.  This is not just a job to me or to Daniel.  It is so much more than that.  We are cosmically suppose to work with the people we do. It is not just by chance, but by a greater force that makes us intertwined.

This year has brought so much loveliness in front of our cameras. I feel so incredibly blessed to be behind the camera capturing it too.  I never expected to be at this emotional point after taking the leap years ago to do this. It is so much more than I ever expected.  I am beyond grateful.  To be able to capture the little moments of beauty, whether happy, sad, good or bad, to be carried out forever is just amazing.  What I hate most though is that this year also brought tragedy.  Unexpected losses that will take a little piece of my heart and touch my soul forever. It makes me hold what I love so much even closer than I did and cherish each day.  It  makes me want to connect and photograph on an even deeper level with the people that are in our lives now and the ones that are cosmically meant to cross together from today forward.

So, thank you to all our amazing clients, friend and family for your support, friendship, love and believing in us.  It means the world to us and moves us to the core.


In memory of the people that touched our hearts and lost their lives this year and left this world and their loved ones way too early.

~ Dan Wheldon ~
Son, husband, father, client and friend ... The honor of knowing you is immense and you will be missed so much. I know your wings will embrace your wife and boys each and every second to make them feel your presence even when you are not here on this earth. You will never ever be forgotten.


Here's hoping 2012 brings love, healing and joy and more amazing people in our lives.

So much love to you all. More than I can even express in words.

xoxo ~ heidi


If you have trouble viewing (it is about seven minutes long), click here:

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{open publication}
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If you are not currently on our newsletter mailing list, we would love for you to join us.  Each month the newsletter will have specials for clients, more recent work, updates on travel dates, etc.  It will also contain a current issue of B. ; which is a new insert that showcases creatives that move us, art that we love, our favorite people and anything inspirational that catches our eye that we encounter through our work as photographers. Inspiration is there is no limit to what we want to include as long as it has a tie to what we love.  This has been a work in progress for a while and we look forward to showcasing more of what we do, love and are inspired by in all the upcoming issues.

Take a peek at what we have been up to in the first issue of B. {requires flash player}

xoxo ~ heidi & daniel


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College alumni reconvene for dinner overlooking CU Boulder's Folsom Field resulting in a full wedding party crashing the Buff's football field, an amazing rehearsal dinner party and a nostalgic look back at where it all began for Lauren & Chris.

Here is a sneak peek of the bride and groom before their wedding day.

xoxo ~ heidi & daniel

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Heather :: Calluna Events:

Totally agree - Heidi & Daniel are AMAZING! These pictures capture everything. soo, soo, incredible!


Ha ha! You are so great! That would be funny to put that on our business cards, right :)! Yours too! I have to give credit to Daniel...he rocks the art of photography so much & I did not do this alone...YOU are the bomb...Thanks for the sweet comment! You are going to LOVE a photo we will be posting will know which one, trust me. ♡ ♡ ♡

brianna saban:

your business should be entitled "heidi chowen is a bad ass'.
the push ups pic. the elevator pics.
you. are. the. bomb.


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